Spiritual Healing

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Spiritual Healing is a natural complementary therapy that helps to balance the body’s energy to aid self-healing.

As a form of therapeutic touch healing can help with a wide range of mental, emotional and physical conditions, sometimes to a remarkable degree. Your healing is done with you fully clothed sitting on a chair or lying on a couch. You will be invited to relax, and to close your eyes if you wish. With your permission, the Healer will touch your shoulders at the beginning of the healing and again at the end. For the rest of the healing the Healers hands are usually held a short distance away from you and healing energies are channelled into your body. Some people do prefer to be touched physically, and you may ask for your healing to be done in this way if you prefer. During the healing you may experience a variety of sensations like warmth or coolness or tingling. Some feel nothing, however, the process will be no less effective.

Distant Healing is also available and may be most suitable for some conditions.

Fees by agreement and according to ability to pay

Skill exchanges welcome