Jill Fraser Ear Candling

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This therapy has been practiced for countless generations and in many Cultures. Ear Candling was used to enhance the third eye and crown chakra. It is a Complementary Therapy that gently stimulates the ear and sinus areas. This relieves pressure and discomfort, thus assisting with relaxation and ear hygiene.

‘Jill Fraser Ear Candles’ are lovingly handmade by Reiki practitioners and are additive free. Jill Fraser Ear Candles are made using only in-bleached cotton and pure beeswax, using our own exclusive design and method of construction.

Helps with: Excessive wax production: Tinnitus: Itching & discomfort in the ear: Mild deafness and/or regular ‘popping’: Catarrh:Sinusitis etc: Glue ear, particularly beneficial for child sufferers: Ear pains when flying: Reduction in/or loss of smell: Travel Sickness, mild vertigo, poor balance: Headaches and migraines: Excessive fluid in the head.

Fees by arrangement and according to ability to pay