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...for the Mind, Emotions & Spirit from Geraldine Lee in Grantham & Bingham

If you are uncertain about which therapy you might find helpful please telephone for a free initial chat. There is no obligation after this. Some sessions can be by telephone or email if preferred. Please contact us for further information.

Jill Fraser Ear Candling

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This therapy has been practiced for countless generations and in many Cultures. Ear Candling was used to enhance the third eye and crown chakra. It is a Complementary Therapy that gently stimulates the ear and sinus areas. This relieves pressure and discomfort, thus assisting with relaxation and ear hygiene. ‘Jill Fraser Ear Candles’ are lovingly […]

Gillian Vincent Therapies and Healing

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Indian Head Massage As one of the top to toe therapies the benefits of Indian Head Massage are numerous. This massage relaxes the mind and body – promoting a feeling of well being, both physically and mentally, using relaxing and soothing techniques. The massage: Increases blood flow and circulation Improves joint mobility of the neck and shoulders […]

Spiritual Healing

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Spiritual Healing is a natural complementary therapy that helps to balance the body’s energy to aid self-healing. As a form of therapeutic touch healing can help with a wide range of mental, emotional and physical conditions, sometimes to a remarkable degree. Your healing is done with you fully clothed sitting on a chair or lying […]

USUI Reiki

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Reiki is pronounced ‘Ray Key’ which is the combination of two Japanese words ‘rei and ki’, meaning ‘universal wisdom and life energy’. Another form of Therapeutic Touch, Usui Reiki is a healing method named after a Japanese Christian Minister Mikao Usui who re-discovered the truths about healing by translating from ancient Sanskrit. Reiki healers are […]

Guided Meditation and Relaxation

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Guided Meditation and Relaxation Relaxation with a guided meditation is a wonderful way to stop the incessant chatter of your mind. It can take you on a journey into your imagination and aid you in ‘switching off’ by distracting your senses. You will learn to release the tension that builds up through the stresses and expectations […]

Personal Development & Training

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When you feel ‘something has to change’ it is time for personal development. This may be by training in a new therapy, either for personal use, or to enhance your existing business. Under the guidance of well known therapist and tutor  Eliza Hodge the courses in the following therapies are offered, either in Grantham or Great Sturton, Lincolnshire. […]


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