It is really empowering – I am beginning to have an idea about what my life purpose is

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I contacted Geraldine through the Trent Improvement Network.  I thought at first that I was looking for a mentor, I hadn’t really thought about having a “life coach”.  In fact, I was a little reluctant when she suggested telephone contacts.  I very nearly contacted her to cancel, as I was more comfortable with a face to face approach.

I am so glad that I went along with it, took a risk and went with the flow.  Through telephone coaching with Geraldine I have learnt to be much more confident, less self – critical and really optimistic about what I have to offer.  My coaching has equipped me with a series of tools that support my decision-making and my everyday life choices.  I have a matrix that governs my choices and is based upon my aspirations, my value systems and my physical environment. For the first time in my life I am able to say “no” or “yes” based upon a rational framework and not feel guilty. It is really empowering. I am beginning to have an idea about what my life purpose is.

I don’t know how I would describe Geraldine – I have never met her.  She feels a bit like a long lost friend, a bit like a stranger kind enough to listen or a bit like the mother I wish I always had.  For anyone who is open to really exploring where they are in life, and who is prepared to make some changes –  I would recommend Geraldine.  Good Luck.

Clare Bale – Chesterfield