Geraldine Lee

Complementary Therapist, Spiritual Healer and Healing Tutor

Geraldine has been involved in the world of Spirit and Spiritual Healing for many years. She trained as a Spiritual Healer with the Healing Trust, formerly known as the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and is a qualified and registered Healer Practitioner and Tutor with the OWL Healing Ministry. She is also a Reiki Practitioner, and Relaxation & Meditation Practioner.

Most of Geraldine’s adult life has been spent working in health services, at home and abroad, as a Registered Nurse in Mental & General Health and she has taken many extra qualifications over and above these .

From 2000 to 2015 Geraldine’s worked entirely within Mental Health. She spent six years working as a Community Nurse in Motherhood and Mental Health  in Nottinghamshire  providing therapy and support to expectant and postnatal mothers, who suffered with many different pregnancy related mental and emotional illnesses. During her time with that service Geraldine also did some extra work for the Mental Health Liaison team based within the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham and remained with them as a sessional team member until December 2015. This service works with the general hospital wards, and the emergency department, and team members are called in when there is a question about the current mental health of a patient, or they have attempted to take their own life, by suicide.

Geraldine also trained over the years in Complementary Therapies that are specific to helping with mental, emotional and spiritual needs, and as Personal Development Life Coach. In all these areas she has been a great help to many people. She is known for her empathy, compassion, patience and loving kindness.

She is a cancer survivor, and has lived through other emotional traumas and physical illnesses .

Graham Lee

Co-founder of Compassionate Hearts, Spiritual Healer, and Support Worker in Care of the Older Person Graham passed over to Spirit very suddenly in December 2015

Graham had a deep connection to the world of spirit and universal healing energies. He was much in demand as a Healer from those who knew of him.. His good humour, and unfailing kindness and compassion were greatly appreciated by the people he cared for when he worked in the health services. He was sadly missed by his co-workers at the Appletrees Reablement Centre, Grantham, when he passed away.

Graham trained as a Healer with the Healing Trust, formerly known as the National Federation of Spiritual Healers  and was a qualified and registered Spiritual Healer Practitioner.

He now works in the Spiritual dimension supporting Geraldine

Graham is now also helping other newly passed over souls to continue their journey in the Spirit world. We can think of no better Spiritual being to welcome and care for them.

Graham will always be loved and missed on this physical side of life.