February Food For Thought

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Who Are You?

If you look back over your lifetime you will realise who you are, is not who you were, and it’s not who you will become in the future. Personal change is inevitable, but needs to be thought about rather than just a ‘floating through’ otherwise it is meaningless. It holds nothing to give a spark to your life and your living. When you were younger you probably had big hopes for your future. What did you do to make things happen? In the frenzy of life today it is so easy to lose sight of what really matters to us. Then we are just swept along on the tide of what we know from our life so far.

The Quote for this month is

“When l let go of what l am, l become what l might be”

Lao Tzu (Philosopher)


Your February Food for Thought

Change for the better can happen and dreams can come true. They may be modified, but the core will be there. Think about what you can achieve with a little planning and work.

Think to yourself:

“Who am l”?

“Who do l want to be”?

“What do l want to do”?

What do l want to have”?

Things will not happen overnight, time is always a factor. But, if you don’t make a start nothing will ever happen and you won’t fulfil your potential.

This month Take some time to think about all that could be for you if only……………….!

Then do at least one thing to make a start towards becoming what you might be.